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The aim of postgraduate studies in Public Procurement Management according to the Public Procurement Law based on soft and hard skills according to ProcurCompEU is to prepare participants for effective management of the public procurement process in accordance with the applicable law, based on the latest trends and standards in this field. These studies are designed to enable the development of skills, knowledge, and competences necessary to perform the profession of a public procurement specialist. Most importantly, we focus not only on the development of hard skills, such as planning and implementation of public orders, expanding knowledge of legal and administrative procedures, but also on the development of soft skills including interpersonal and leadership skills.
These studies are designed to provide participants with knowledge and practical skills in the field of public procurement, which will allow them to effectively plan, prepare, carry out and control public procurement. Moreover, these studies will focus on developing soft skills such as communication, negotiation, leadership, and teamwork, so that participants are able to effectively operate in the public procurement environment.

The aim of the new format is to prepare specialists capable of effective and efficient management of public procurement processes, including those able to adapt to changing regulations, use modern tools and technologies, as well as effectively solve problems and negotiate with suppliers in order to ensure the best conditions for contracting authorities. The study will be carried out in a hybrid formula, enabling the practical knowledge and skills to be acquired both in classroom and online, based on an interactive VOD platform.

What makes us different

  • A postgraduate program in public procurement with soft and hard skills available in a hybrid formula will stand out in the market in many ways, here are three reasons as to why our program is superior:
  • Adapting to new trends – The curriculum will be based on the ProcurCompEU European Competence Framework, which means that it will be adapted to new trends in the field of public procurement and will reflect current market requirements.
  • Unique formula – The studies will be carried out in a hybrid formula, which will allow students to gain knowledge and skills during on-site classes, but also remotely, thanks to which they will be more flexible and tailored to the individual needs of students.
  • Focus on soft skills – the curriculum will be focused on developing soft skills, which are increasingly desired by employers. As a result, graduates will be ready to work in teams, negotiate, and effectively solve problems.


Benefits for potential postgraduate students in the field of public procurement:

  • Development of soft and hard skills – The study programme has been designed considering the European Competence Framework ProcurCompEU, which means that it focuses not only on theoretical knowledge, but also on practical skills that are crucial for effective management of public procurement processes.
  • Remote learning – The study programme offers the possibility of remote learning through an interactive VOD platform, which allows flexibility in scheduling time and access to educational materials from any location and at any time. The studies offer a balance between in-person and remote teaching, so that students can learn at a pace that is convenient for them, as well as benefit from the experience of lecturers from various places in Poland.
  • Public Procurement Law – Qualifications of a public procurement specialists are highly sought after in the job market, and increasing your knowledge in this field can help you gain better career prospects, including working for public administrations and businesses, which often apply for public procurement specialists. public procurement specialist.
  • Practical application – The degree program is designed to help students put their knowledge and skills into practice in public procurement processes. Participating in postgraduate studies can help you develop competitive skills and gain knowledge that is crucial for public procurement professionals in Poland and abroad.


Postgraduate curriculum in Public Procurement Management has been developed based on the European Competence Framework ProcurCompEU and includes content such as:

  • Public Procurement Planning and Strategy – As part of their studies, students will gain knowledge on how to create public procurement plans and strategies, including identifying needs, selecting procedures, and determining risks.
  • Procedures and regulations – Students will participate in classes on public procurement procedures and regulations, including legal analysis, and will have the opportunity to learn about the latest public procurement regulations in Poland and the EU.
  • Project Management – Students will have the chance to learn how to manage procurement projects, including how to identify goals, assign tasks, control project progress, and document deliverables.
  • Negotiation and Interpersonal Skills – The degree program also focuses on developing interpersonal skills, including negotiation, problem-solving skills, and teamwork.
  • Modern tools and technologies – As part of their studies, students will also gain knowledge about modern tools and technologies in the field of public procurement, such as electronic public procurement platforms, and will also learn about the best practices in using these tools.


The lecturers of our postgraduate studies are PRACTITIONERS, have extensive experience in their fields, are highly educated and are constantly expanding their knowledge. In addition, they are able to convey their knowledge in a way that is understandable and accessible to students, involving them in the learning process. Their commitment to shaping future specialists is invaluable, which translates into the high quality of education and the success of our graduates on the labour market.


Total cost: PLN 4 900 or 4 x PLN 1 225 (including PLN 100 reservation fee).

There is a voucher for openNexus customers, there is a voucher entitling them to a discount for these studies in the amount of PLN 600 per person.

Bank account number: 61 1440 1127 0000 0000 0193 3148

  • Classes: Fridays in the afternoon (in person) and meetings on the VOD platform.
  • Hybrid studies – i.e. 80 hours of lectures and workshops take place at the university’s headquarters, 80 hours are carried out in the form of access to the VOD platform.



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