Psychology of persuasion and persuasive communication in business and leadership



During the course of these studies, students will learn, among other things, how to make rational decisions, how to avoid natural human errors in judgment and decision-making, how to avoid errors in estimating and taking risks, how to build business relationships in accordance with the principles of psychology, how to appropriately lay out their arguments, how to negotiate effectively, how to protect themselves against manipulation, how to motivate people to act, how to design various types advertisements, so that they resonate with the consumers.
The study programme is designed for individuals interested in implementing change programmes in organisations in order to enhance the resources and the effectiveness of an organisation and its employees. This programme is not only addressed to the specialists in marketing and managerial staff, but also for those wishing to expand their professional competence in business consulting: psychologists, sociologists, educators, lawyers, management specialists and economists.


This study programme provides its students with a great deal of psychology-related knowledge from a business perspective. Such way of presenting the topic gives a completely different perspective on various issues I encounter in my professional life


Classes are conducted by people who are widely recognised in their fields and who have many years of experience. They can demonstrate real-life applications of the knowledge taught in class.


  • The internal state of a leader – the act of self-influence.
  • The effect of selected language patterns on the mind of a recipient.
  • Persuasion and manipulation.
  • Social influence based on response automatisms and recipient’s lack of reflectiveness, how to avoid it.
  • Social influence in selected contexts.


Form of assessment

Two tests at the end of each semester to verify the knowledge of the content taught in class.


Total fee: PLN 3300 or 4 equal, interest-free instalments (including PLN 100 reservation fee)

Bank account number: 61 1440 1127 0000 0000 0193 3148

  • On-campus sessions: Saturday – Sunday or Friday – Saturday
  • Number of months: 10
  • Number of hours: 160
  • Number of sessions: 12

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