Finance and taxes



The objective of the studies is to provide specialised and practical knowledge in the field of taxes and finance, which is necessary if you work as an accountant or provide bookkeeping services.
Graduates of these studies are qualified and fully prepared to work in corporate finance departments and have a comprehensive knowledge of tax-related issues. The classes are mostly held by former and current practitioners from Cracow’s tax administration institutions and tax departments of the Cracow City Hall.


The knowledge and skills acquired over the course of the studies will allow our graduates to model financial systems in business entities in order to achieve a positive effect of optimizing the tax burden. The program will also include classes in corporate finance and financial accounting, the majority of which will be workshop-style classes using computer systems. Students who complete the programme in Finance and taxes will receive a certificate attesting their ability to use an accounting system in business practice.
Graduates of this specialisation will find employment in finance and accounting departments of domestic companies for which the Polish Accounting Act is the binding balance sheet law or they keep their accounting books in accordance with the general principles (the so-called revenue and expense ledger). Moreover, the knowledge of the topics covered in the course curriculum provides a good foundation for work in offices providing accounting services, in offices of tax advisors and also provides the students of this specialisation with qualifications necessary to apply for the position of a financial director.


The lecturers are practitioners with extensive teaching experience, working in tax and supervisory institutions, etc.


  • Tax ordinance, tax inspection and jurisprudence – a detailed curriculum is included in the tab with course details
  • Tax on goods and services (VAT) – a detailed curriculum is included in the tab with course details
  • Corporate income tax
  • Income tax on a natural person conducting a business activity – a detailed curriculum is included in the tab with course details
  • Income tax on a natural person from an employee’s standpoint
  • Local taxes
  • Corporate finance
  • Financial analysis
  • Finances of territorial self-government units – selected topics
  • Financial accounting
  • Computer Accounting – workshop classes held in the computer room
  • Managerial accounting with elements of controlling

Form of assessment

Two exams at the end of each semester.


Total fee: PLN 3400 or 4 equal, interest-free instalments (including the PLN 100 reservation fee)

Bank account number: 61 1440 1127 0000 0000 0193 3148

  • On-campus sessions: Saturday-Sunday
  • Number of months: 8
  • Number of hours: 184
  • Number of sessions: 12

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