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 Samorząd Studencki Wyższej Szkoły Zarządzania i Bankowości


Hello dear Student of our School!

As the Student Council of the WSZiB, we are actively involved in students’ issues on campus. Our job is to represent the interests of all the students and to provide opinions on the major legal acts at our School. We also represent our School at Non-Public Higher education institutions Forums and other important events. We know, however, that studying is not the only activity in life, so we take care of students’ free time and try to organise some interesting cultural, sport and scientific events. You are welcome to participate in the events, charity fundraisers, and other activities held at the WSZiB. We would like our School to be student-friendly to everyone and we are constantly working on various improvements.

If you feel like spending your time actively while studying at the WSZiB, get involved in the life of our School and, most importantly, gain some interesting experience that will be useful in the future, you should definitely join us! Please visit us in room 4 or contact us via SUSZI (functional student directory)

If you are looking for some help or information, we are here for you!

We also invite you to visit our fanpage, where we will be sharing the latest news regarding Student Council activities 🙂


The President of the Student Council of the WSZiB in Cracow: Kacper Inglot

Address: Kraków 30-079, al. Kijowska 14, pok. 4;

Email address:

Internal phone number 68-11, if you are calling from outside the School, please dial: +(48) 12 635 68 11



Are you interested in our offer?

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