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Postgraduate studies in Education management are addressed to people who wish to acquire, expand or update their knowledge and skills in managing a school or an educational institution.

The studies are also designed to prepare their graduates to take professional actions in managerial positions in all kinds of educational institutions. Completion of the studies provides qualifications in the field of education management in all types of schools and educational institutions, or supervisory bodies of educational activities.



The graduates of these studies have acquired qualifications required to hold positions as directors and other managerial positions in educational institutions. The study programme has been designed in accordance with the Regulation of the Ministry of Education of 11 August 2017. regarding the requirements to be met by a person holding a position of a director and other managerial positions in a public nursery school, public elementary school, public secondary school and a public institution, Journal of Laws 2017. Item 1597.

Study participants must hold a university degree. The studies are addressed to school directors and people in managerial positions in nursery schools and other educational institutions (centres for practical training, lifelong learning centres, teacher training centres, etc.,) as well as candidates applying for managerial positions in the field of education. The programme is also suitable for teachers interested in professional development and wishing to acquire the knowledge and skills in the field of education management. The course Education management is also addressed to people dealing with education-related issues in local government units, as well as employees of pedagogical supervision, employees of school governing bodies, animators of educational activities and organisations.



The classes are held by tutors and lecturers with practical experience in education management.


  • National Education Policy – Education Law
  • Organizing the pedagogical process and change management in an educational institution
  • Labour law – Health and safety regulations
  • Family law
  • Foundations of organisation, management and marketing in the field of education
  • An educational institution in the local environment
  • Financial management in educational institutions
  • Financing educational activities
  • Public procurement
  • Obtaining funds from the EU
  • School concept planning and design
  • Pedagogical supervision – quality management
  • Examining the outcomes of work of a school or an educational institution
  • Management and administration of an educational institution –records management
  • Management control –information technology in education
  • Psychological aspects of managing an educational institution
  • Conflict and problem management in educational institutions, negotiation and mediation.



Total fee: PLN 2200 or 4 equal, interest-free instalments (including PLN 100 reservation fee)

Bank account number: 61 1440 1127 0000 0000 0193 3148

  • On-campus sessions: Friday (starting from 5:00 PM) – Saturday or Saturday – Sunday
  • Number of months: 10
  • Number of hours: 220
  • Number of reunions (estimated): 20

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