SUSZI and SAKE intranet platforms have been present at the School for several years and they provide invaluable assistance to students in e-learning and in the organisation of education. They save our students time and money and make it easier to contact faculty and administration staff.



SUSZI is a Networked University Information Management System. The system provides a web-based platform to support the teaching process and the School administration process. Each authorized user of the system (i.e., University Employee or Student), with Internet access, has immediate access to information relevant to them. The system can be accessed from computer rooms, from information kiosks located around the School, from work and from home.

The advantages of Suszi

By logging into SUSZI( you have, among other things, access to:

  • notice board
  • class timetable
  • exam session schedule
  • e-index
  • lists of information bits sent by employees of the WSZiB
  • the list of lecturers; their timetables, descriptions of the classes they teach, additional study resources
  • the list of administration staff
  • Library item search and reservation engines
  • history of applications, fees and practices



The system is an e-learning platform that supports the learning process.

Access at:

Sake modules

  • e-learning
  • system of education quality examination
  • diploma thesis management system with anti-plagiarism control
  • on-line testing system
  • wireless network access management system
  • Microsoft software distribution service – DreamSpark

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