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The aim of the course is to familiarise participants with programming techniques in Python and the most popular libraries and frameworks of this language. The acquired knowledge and skills will enable the graduate to create applications in Python on their own. The curriculum is based on experience resulting from the implementation of real, complex IT projects. The studies are suitable for people who have not had contact with this programming language before.

What makes us different

  • classes led by practitioners with teaching experience
  • practical nature of the studies
  • learning the latest and currently used technologies
  • modern computer labs
  • these studies are a good jumping-off point to start a career as a Python Developer


Python is an easy-to-learn, versatile programming language. It has efficient high-level data structures and a simple yet effective approach to object-oriented programming. Python’s elegant syntax and dynamic typing, along with its interpretive nature, makes it an ideal language for scripting and rapid application development in many areas on most platforms. Popular uses of Python include: system scripts, database programs, creating the backend of websites, automation scripts, game and multimedia programming, software testing. The curriculum includes not only the Python language, but also the most popular and commonly used web technologies. The study programme focuses on practical activities and includes 190 hours of computer lab classes. The classes are taught by practitioners with years of experience using their own resources. The students receive a diploma of completion of postgraduate studies (a copy in Polish and in English).


Bachelor’s, engineer’s, or master’s degree. Our candidates are only required to have basic computer skills, as we teach programming from scratch.


  • Andrzej Chudzicki, MA, Eng. – programmer with many years of experience in managing projects in Java and Python technologies. He also uses his knowledge and experience as a teaching staff member at WSZiB.
  • Sebastian Słomian, Eng. – Web application developer in technologies such as: Java/Kotlin, Python, Angular. On a daily basis, he works for large global brands involved in the education, banking, public safety and transportation sectors. His teaching style focuses on learning as much as possible by practice.
  • Andrzej Chudzicki, MA, Eng. – active programmer with several years of experience, specializing in the development of web applications on a daily basis. At work, he prioritises clear solutions, guided by the idea of writing clean code. He believes that any theoretical knowledge must be supported by numerous examples and exercises.


  • Basics of programming in Python language | 70h
    Basics of computer programming. Compilation vs. Interpretation. Python and other programming languages. Versions of Python. Basic methods. Comments. Variables and naming conventions. Basic data types. Operators (arithmetic, formatting, and data output assignment, logical, bitwise). Rules that govern the construction of expressions. Entering and converting data. Conditional statements. Loops. Functions. Data structures (lists, tuples, sets, dictionaries). Modules and packages. Exception handling. Basics of object-oriented programming (inheritance, abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism). Lambda expressions. File operations.
  • Database Maintenance | 14h
    Introduction to database systems. Basics of SQL language. Creating and managing relationships in a database. Access to databases from the Python environment. Transactions and rollbacks.
  • Programming with Django | 36h
    Using Django to create dynamic web applications using models, views, and templates. Working with a database and handling QuerySet queries, object-relational mapping (ORM) in Django. Creating your own REST services using the Test Driven Development (TDD) approach and Django REST Framework. Securing applications in a session-based and stateless approach.
  • Designing the client layer of web applications | 40h
    HTML language. Cascading CSS Style Sheets. Introduction to JavaScript. The most important JavaScript objects. Techniques for creating advanced Web pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript simultaneously. Using the lightweight Flask framework to create REST API. Analysis of existing REST APIs. Using the Postman tool to invoke HTTP requests. Single Page Web Applications using Angular framework: introduction to TypeScript language, basic elements and structure of Angular project, components and data binding, directives, services and dependency injection, redirection mechanism, forms and validation, HTTP requests.
  • Using Python libraries for data analysis and processing| 20h
    Basic issues related to data analysis and processing. Introduction to the Jupyter Notebook. Data processing using Pandas and numPy. Data visualisation using the matplotlib library. Introduction to machine learning.
  • Project management| 10h
    Agile Principles. Agile project management based on the SCRUM methodology. Version control system using Git and GitHub as examples. Using PyCharm as an integrated development environment for the Python programming language. Package dependency management.


PLN 5000 or 4 equal, interest-free instalments (including PLN 100 reservation fee)

Bank account number: 61 1440 1127 0000 0000 0193 3148
On-campus sessions: Saturday, Sunday
Number of months: 10

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