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Representative for students with disabilities

Pełnomocnik do spraw studentów niepełnosprawnych

The role of the Representative for Students with disabilities at the WSZiB in Cracow is occupied by the Chancellor, Dr Eng. Bohdan Makary.
The representative for students with disabilities acts as a support person for disabled students helping them to overcome the difficulties of their daily life, as well as an advisor on disability rights. Their tasks include taking measures to facilitate the access to higher education for persons with disabilities, in particular:

  • Enabling students with disabilities to participate fully in the didactic process and in the social, scientific and cultural life of the School,
  • Representing the interests of students with disabilities before the bodies of the School, as well as outside of it,
  • Taking actions to eliminate architectural, information, communication and psychological barriers to studying,
  • Monitoring the needs and problems of students with disabilities,
  • Providing individual consultation and counselling sessions to disabled students.

Chancellor Dr Eng. Bohdan Makary, the representative of students with disabilities, is available to you on weekdays. If you would like to book an appointment, please do it via SUSZI or call the following number: 12 635 68 35. Address: al. Kijowska 14, 1st floor room 117

Financial aid

Students with disabilities (of both full-time and part-time programmes) can receive financial aid in the form of a scholarship for students with disabilities already during the 1st year of their studies. It is granted for an academic year and paid in monthly instalments to the student’s bank account. The scholarship application must be accompanied by a copy of a current disability certificate (original for reference). The scholarship amount for a given academic year is determined by the Rector in consultation with the WSZiB Student Council Board. The ordinance with the scholarship amounts is posted on the notice board in SUSZI.
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Alongside the scholarship for students with disabilities, students can apply for other forms financial aid, such as maintenance grant, rector’s scholarship, an aid payment or a student loan.
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Access facilitation panel on the WSZiB website- increasing readability

With a view to visually impaired people and those suffering from impaired vision (e.g. Daltonism) a panel (virtual assistant of a disabled person) was implemented. The Panel functions allow you to:

  • increase/decrease text,
  • change the gray scale,
  • contrast enhancement,
  • use of negative contrast,
  • use light background,
  • underlining links,
  • increasing the readability of the font.

The panel is located on the right hand side of the WSZiB website and marked with a symbol:

Psychological support

It is aimed at WSZiB students who:

  • live under stress,
  • experience life crises,
  • experience the feeling of lack of sense in life or are unable to find their purpose in life,
  • experience depression, feelings of isolation tied to their individual life story,
  • need psychological support after specialised treatment,
  • want to enter into constructive and satisfying relationships,
  • want to consciously guide their own choices,
  • suffer from low self-esteem.

Meetings with Ms. Joanna Dreżewska can be scheduled on weekdays. The arrangements should be made prior to the meeting through SUSZI.

Specialized equipment supporting the learning process of students with disabilities

Students with a current disability certificate may use specialised resources at the WSZiB. The following resources are available to you:

  • Digital Voice Recorders Milstone 312
  • Electronic magnifiers Optelec
  • Electronic magnifiers Ruby
  • Laptops with magnifying software and speech synthesiser.

The equipment can be rented from the HelpDesk at Al. Kijowska 14, on the basis of a valid student ID card. The equipment can be used on the School property from 8 AM to 7 PM.
In addition, the following items are available to you in the WSZiB Library: 2 Mediatech handheld scanners.
Visually impaired students can use a special computer keyboard during classes in the computer labs.

Disabled student assistant

A student with a disability may apply for funding for a disabled student assistant services.
The assistant’s support is related to the learning process of a disabled student and includes, among other things:

  • accompanying a disabled student from their place of residence to classes held at WSZiB and back,
  • providing a disabled student with assistance during classes included in the study curriculum for the semester for which the support was granted, e.g., by taking notes from classes, etc,
  • completing all formalities related to the course of studies in the School administration department on behalf of a disabled student,
  • providing a disabled student with assistance in the library while preparing materials for classes, writing course assignments, BA and MA theses.

Contact the Scholarship Office regarding the funding of the disabled student assistant services: Phone: 635 68 48

Virtual reading room IBUK Libra PWN

The School enables disabled students to access the 24/7 virtual reading room IBUK Libra established by the PWN publishing house (834 publications in the field of Management, Finance and Information Technology). Thanks to advanced technology and the possibility of online access, you can use the service around the clock, from anywhere. The platform allows you not only to read books, but also to do some advanced work with text. Resources can be used from a computer, laptop, tablet or a smartphone. To receive your individual PIN access code, please contact the Scholarship Office: Phone: 635 68 48

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Induction loops for students with impaired hearing

The School is equipped with induction loops, which is an advanced sound amplification system that works by sending amplified sound signals to individual hearing aids. As a result, people with impaired hearing can hear clearly, even in the environments with poor acoustics. We have:

  • An induction loop system for customer service points (Dean’s Office/Library), so that hearing aid users can enjoy a high level of comfort while communicating with their attendant,
  • Portable, desktop induction loops that ensure convenient communication anywhere at WSZiB
  • FM system with a portable transmitter and induction loop to be used in lecture halls.


Braille (tactile) signage around the School

In order to make it possible for blind or visually impaired students to move freely around the School premises, the educational buildings have been equipped with a set of tyflographic (Braille) maps of individual floors of all the facilities, and a set of tactile signs to mark the rooms. In addition, Call-Hear systems have been installed to notify that there is a disabled person in need of assistance in the building or at the entrance.

Car park

Authorised people may use the School car park at al. Kijowska 14. In order to do so, please contact Ms. Aneta Idzik-Nowak (phone: 12 635 68 35), stating the brand, the colour and the licence plate number of the vehicle. A student authorised to use the car park will be issued a fob to enter the School premises.

Parking dla niepełnosprawnych WSZIB

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