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WSZiB in Cracow invites you to take advantage of the offer to organize Conferences, Trainings, Computer Courses and Workshops, Symposia, etc.

We offer rooms for rent in our buildings at Al. Kijowska 14 and ul. Armii Krajowej 8

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Al. Kijowska 14

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  • our computer laboratories consist of 11 air-conditioned rooms with 20 to 64 workstations each, equipped with high-class computer hardware (300 workstations in total). The rooms are also equipped with multimedia projectors, multimedia boards, sound systems and dust-free whiteboards.
  • our classrooms comprise 18 rooms with a capacity of 32 to 120 people, equipped with multimedia projectors, dust-free whiteboards, an appropriate sound system and multimedia boards.
  • auditorium: an air-conditioned room with the capacity of 120 people, wireless sound system, visualiser, state-of-the-art multimedia projectors, multimedia boards. Catering services can be arranged.

ul. Armii Krajowej 8

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  • classrooms: 10 air-conditioned rooms, for 20 – 70 people. Classrooms are equipped with multimedia projectors, dust-free whiteboards, appropriate sound systems and multimedia boards
  • auditorium: air-conditioned room with the capacity of 170 people; it has a state-of-the-art wireless sound system, multimedia projector, visualiser and home cinema system

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