Logistics – engineering studies


Course description

Logistics graduates will be equipped with knowledge, skills and engineering competences that allow them to work in any enterprise in the logistics industry or in enterprises that have units responsible for organizing logistics processes in their organizational structure. The study program is designed to educate an engineer – a professional with a broad theoretical background, extensive skills and social competences, which will enable him to perceive logistics problems occurring in economic practice in a wider perspective and prepare him to think innovatively and find effective solutions also in the area where logistics meets with other areas of business processes .

Studies are available
in full-time
and part-time mode

They last
 3.5 years
(7 semesters)

Total number of hours
 300 per semester (full-time studies)
 200 per semester (part-time studies)

What will you learn?

  • you will gain engineering knowledge relating to functioning of modern logistics systems, management of logistics processes and implementation of logistics concepts in organizations and institutions of various types;
  • work in multicultural teams working in the field of logistics, communication and openness to sharing knowledge and practical skills acquired during studies;
  • prepare advanced analyzes, use the acquired knowledge to describe practical and complex logistics processes taking place in an enterprise of any scale, use IT tools to describe the reality of the logistics industry and present the results of your own work.



Future job prospects

The studies in the field of logistics prepare students for holding engineering and managerial positions in the field of logistics in companies in the shipping industry, in distribution centers, in IT companies offering solutions in the field of logistics systems, and in other entities with logistics units in their organizational structures.

Scope of training





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