Career coachin


Description of the scope of training

Career coaching is a specialization that responds to market demand related to increased interest in business coaching and self-development training. This training module prepares graduates to both break through barriers to the development of an organization or an employee.

What will you learn?

Within the framework of this educational path, graduates will gain knowledge and skills that will allow them to make the most of their professional potential, conduct a competency audit and implement its results in the process of building a development strategy. In addition, graduates of the course Communication and Psychology in Business, specializing in Career Coaching will be prepared to resolve conflicts and negotiate professionally, as well as solve complex problems using problem solving methodology.

Your educational pathway

  • Personel breanding 
  • Career management 
  • Crisis coaching 
  • Personal competence development 
  • Problem solving

Future job prospects


  • Business trainers, HR trainer, personal coach,  
  • Talent & Learning Manager,  
  • Personal development specialists,   
  • Negotiation and mediation specialists,   
  • Business consultants and advisors,   
  • Career and personnel consultants. 

Year I
  • English language / German language 5 ECTS
  • Career planning/Basics of job market knowledge 2 ECTS
  • Methods of creative problem solving/ Intellectual capital of the organization 2 ECTS
  • Information technology 3 ECTS
  • Managerial economics 4 ECTS
  • Ethics in business 3 ECTS
  • Basics of management 4 ECTS
  • Basics of marketing 4 ECTS
  • Basics of psychology 4 ECTS
  • Statistical tools in psychology and business 4 ECTS
  • Basics of sociology 4 ECTS
  • Basics of finance 4 ECTS
  • Interpersonal and persuasive communication 4 ECTS
  • Psychology of consumer behavior 3 ECTS
  • Business games 3 ECTS
  • Coaching and competencies of the future 3 ECTS
Year II
  • 5 ECTS
  • English language / German language 2 ECTS
  • Human resource management 4 ECTS
  • Marketing research 3 ECTS
  • Organization science 4 ECTS
  • Behavioral economics 4 ECTS
  • Negotiation in business 3 ECTS
  • Change management 3 ECTS
  • Psychology of a manager 4 ECTS
  • Project management methods ( PRINCE 2) 3 ECTS
  • Decision making and risk 3 ECTS
  • Corporate social responsibility 3 ECTS
  • Work experience I 8
Year III
  • Protection of intellectual and industrial property/Patent law 2 ECTS
  • Market analysis 4 ECTS
  • Benchmarking 3 ECTS
  • Intercultural communication in the organization 3 ECTS
  • International Business / Internationale Geschäfte 9 ECTS
  • Preparation for the bachelor's exam 2 ECTS
  • Bachelor's final project 9 ECTS

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