The postgraduate programme in Accounting is addressed to those who wish to acquire, expand or update their knowledge and skills related to accounting and taxes.
The aim of these studies is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of accounting, business law, labour law and tax law, that is necessary to perform work in financial and accounting positions. This programme is also addressed to managers, bank and public administration employees who want fill the gaps in their knowledge and skills, as well as to people who intend to keep their accounting books on their own.
Theoretical and practical knowledge conveyed during classes is supplemented with numerous didactic resources prepared by the teachers, as well as problem-solving tasks. Students also receive a set of Financial Accounting tasks with an answer key and up-to-date interpretations of new or recently updated legal regulations.


Upon completion of the postgraduate programme in Accounting, students should have advanced knowledge of accounting as well as basic knowledge of taxes and legal aspects of running a business activity.
Upon the completion of the programme, a student will have developed the skills related to identifying, recording and analysing basic events of business entities, banks and non-governmental institutions, as well as the ability to prepare financial statements in accordance with applicable accounting standards. Graduates also possess basic knowledge pertaining to business valuation, financial statement analysis and the evaluation of a company’s property and financial condition.
One of the outcomes of these studies is also the ability to determine and settle tax liabilities and the ability to correlate current norms of balance sheet law and tax law, as well being familiar with the consequences of violating the autonomy of these laws.


Accounting classes are taught by academic teachers with documented, long-term practical experience (employees of UEK – Cracow University of Economics and WSZiB). The classes related to law and taxes are conducted by the employees of the Tax Chamber in Cracow – they are heads of the direct and indirect tax departments, as well as experienced employees of the Provincial Court in Krakow.


  • Accounting
  • foundations of accounting
  • valuation methods used in accounting
  • fixed assets – in the view of balance sheet and taxes
  • tangible current assets
  • settlements in Polish currency and in foreign currencies
  • exchange rate differences in the view of balance sheet and tax law
  • financial instruments
  • long-term contracts – in the view of balance sheet and taxes
  • lease in the light of the balance sheet and tax law regulations
  • business entities’ equity
  • liabilities and provisions for liabilities
  • accounting result vs. tax result – temporary and permanent differences
  • financial statements of business entities
  • bank accounting principles
  • accounting for non-business entities
  • simplifications used in the accounting of small economic entities
  • Economic law
  • commercial companies
  • other forms of economic activity
  • civil law
  • bankruptcy law
  • tax law
  • indirect tax – VAT
  • income tax
  • tax liabilities
  • Company valuation
  • valuation methods
  • enterprise value management


Total fee: PLN 3300 or 4 equal, interest-free instalments (including PLN 100 reservation fee)

Bank account number: 61 1440 1127 0000 0000 0193 3148

  • On-campus sessions: Friday (starting from 5:00 PM) – Saturday
  • Number of months: 10
  • Number of hours: 216
  • Number of sessions: 18

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