The Associations of Students and Alumni of WSZiB in Cracow

This association is an organisation that any student or alumni may belong to. YOU too!

Its mission is to establish or reinforce the existing bond of students and alumni.

When you study at university, it is undoubtedly one of the best moments in your life to make friends. That is when lifelong friendships are forged. The Association will not let you forget about the “good old days” at the WSZiB or about the people who contributed to this unique atmosphere. You will relive the memories of the years gone by during numerous reunions that will be organised according to your interests. The Association works with you in mind and for you. We would like this association to be a group of friends, enthusiasts, creative people with an open mind.


We assume that nowadays it is worth (or it might be even necessary) maintaining contact with your alma mater throughout your active professional career. The Association’s activity is guided by the conviction that the WSZiB is not only a place where you come to acquire knowledge and develop high professional skills, but also a place where you search for values and consciously shape the personality of future personnel of the modern economy.


We have a lot to offer and we are counting at the same time on your support, initiative and ideas, which you certainly do not lack.


We wholeheartedly invite you to our meetings (dates as always are available in SUSZI and SAKE)

Are you interested in our offer?

Do not hesitate, choose WSZiB and take care of your future


 or check out the Admissions Office

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