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Dear Students,

We are pleased to invite all international students from our partner universities to study at The School of Banking and Management in Cracow.  During your stay in Krakow you will get the opportunity to meet Polish and international students and get acquainted with The School of Banking and Management and our beautiful city.

Application Procedure – step by step

  1. In order to apply for the Erasmus+ stay at The School of Banking and Management in Cracow you should be nominated by your University.

    NOTE! A Bilateral Agreement between your home university and The School of Banking and Management in Cracow is needed.

    The home university nominates the students by sending an e-mail to this address ( with the following information: 

    • First and last name of the student
    • E-mail address
    • Level of study
    • Period of studies

  2. Nomination periods:

    1 June (winter semester /whole academic year) or 30 November  (summer semester)

    Once nominated, student receives an e-mail with information on further steps. 

  3. Student complete application form as instructed. Print out 1 copy of the application form and get them signed and sealed by  home International Office. As the confirmation from sending institution is crucial for the recruitment procedure, application forms without required signatures will not be considered.

    The application package should include:

    • 1 printed application form signed both by student and their home school
    • 1 official passport size photograph
    • Copy of the health insurance for the whole period of studies at The School of Banking and Management in Cracow
    • English language certificate or confirmation from University that your English is on B1/ B2 level – list of documents that validate sufficient knowledge of English
    • Copy of  ID (EU citizens) / passport (others)

Complete documents shall reach The School of Banking and Management in Cracow by:
30 June  – winter semester / whole academic year or 10 December   – summer semester

As the deadlines cannot be extended, it is extremely important that we receive your documents in due time. Incomplete applications may cause delays in processing and rejection of study right at The School of Banking and Management in Cracow

Letter of Acceptance will be sent to your home university within 2 months of the application system deadline.

Contact details

The School of Banking Management in Cracow
Aleja Kijowska 14
30-079 Krakow, Poland

Erasmus+ Coordinator:
Agnieszka Nowak

Study structure

The full academic year normally comprises of 30 weeks of instruction and is divided into two approximately equal 15-week terms.

The first term starts at the beginning of October and ends at the end of January.

The second term starts mid-February and ends mid-June.

Each course has an official syllabus where students can find the contents, the description of the study program, the specific criteria and methods of assessment, the name of the lecturer.

The common assessment methods may include exams, workshops, attendance, essays, presentations.

Students of annual units are usually required to sit an exam at the end of each semester or a final exam in June that can be retaken in September. Fall semester units require an exam in February that can be retaken in March. The exams of the spring semester take place in June and can be retaken in September. 

Course choice


All courses are tought in English for incoming students.

For  students who do not find enough interesting courses from the above lists or have some strict requirements about taking certain courses in a given semester, the faculty can organize individual courses in the form of a project (task-oriented, mostly self-study).

Students interested in including such individual projects in their Learning Agreements, preferably not more than two per semester, should contact a Erasmus+ coordinator. The availability of a course on a given topic in the form of an individual project will depend on the availability of a suitable lecturer.

Course descriptions

Artificial Intelligence

Cisco Academy


Embedded Systems

Maintaining SQL server

Safety of Computer Systems

Fact sheet

Academic calendar


You can download the Erasmus+ App that is a mobile application for Erasmus+ participants that guides users through their mobility process and constitutes a single point of access to available online tools.
Erasmus+ App is available on Apple Store and Google Play 

Grading system

The School of Banking and Management uses the ECTS grading system.

The use of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits facilitate recognition of courses taken at the school by students’ home universities. The credits represent a quantitative value of the volume of work provided by the student. One credit corresponds to a workload of 30 hours. A normal study load is 30 ECTS per semester and 60 ECTS per year (1,800 hours).

ECTS Grade Grade/PointsPercentageDefinition
A(5.0) 95 – 100(5.0) 95% – 100%Excellent
B(4,5) 86 – 95(4.5) 86% – 95%Very good
C(4) 74 – 86(4.0) 74% – 86%Good
D(3,5) 62 – 74(3.5) 62% – 74%Satisfactory
E(3) 51 – 62(3.0) 51% – 62%Sufficient
FX/F(2) 0 – 51(2.0)   51%Fail


Statistical grading scale


Please note that the The School of Banking and Management in Cracow doesn’t provide places in dormitories.

However to meet your expectations and help you out to find the best place for your stay in Krakow, we prepared list of websites/Facebook groups where you can look for a flat on your own.


Registering your stay in Poland

  1. All foreigners staying in Krakow for longer than 3 months in case of EU citizens/30 days in case of non-EU citizens, must register their place of residence (in Polish: zameldowanie or meldunek). In your case this would be temporary registration covering the stay from 3 months up to 5 years.EU citizens and nationals of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland (or their family members) must register no later than in the 30th day of their stay in Poland.Other foreigners (from non-EU countries) are asked to register their temporary address no later than in the 4th day of their stay in Poland.The registration needs to be done in any Krakow City Council District Office (urząd miasta). You are given a confirmation of the procedure on the spot.  To register your place of residence you will be asked to present the below listed documents:
    • the completed Temporary Residence Registration form
    • a valid visa  (in case of non-EU citizens)
    • Passport
    • Lease contract (original copy) or act of ownership of the flat (original copy – presence of the flat owner might be required).  

    We recommend to take a Polish speaker with you (buddy etc.)

  2. EU/EEA nationals whose stay in Poland exceeds 90 days must apply for temporary residence permit at Malopolska Voievodeship Office, but once already in Poland.

Other foreigners who wish to study in Poland must obtain a student visa valid for the entire duration of their stay at a Polish Embassy/Consulate relevant for their home country, and prior to their arrival in Poland. Foreigners who are already in Poland and decide to extend their stay beyond visa validity period (or if they arrived in Poland on a basis of visa-free movement, but wish to stay longer than 90 days) must also apply for temporary residence permit at Malopolska Voievodeship Office.

IMPORTANT! Extension of a visa on a basis of  temporary residences permit  is only possible in exceptional cases when new facts and circumstances arise after entering Poland.

Good to know

About The School of Banking and Management

Practical information

Study Regulations

Culture shock at the university

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