Via SUSZI, you can send messages with up to 10 attached files of up to 15 MB each.

To avoid the issues with opening the attachments you should:

  • 1. not use Polish characters in the file name
  • 2. not use spaces in the filename – instead of spaces you can use – or _

WSZiB has an active Promotion and Entrepreneurship Office, which keeps in touch with the business world in order to find specialised job offers matching the current educational offer of WSZIB. Please visit www.wszib.krakow.pl/kariery for job market listings.

As of the beginning of August 2018, we created a mechanism to change your password using the email address entered in the SUSZI system.
To change a forgotten or expired password, please use the “Forgot my password” link, which is also located on the login page for SUSZI or SAKE.

Nie ma takiej możliwości. W celu zmiany hasła należy zgłosić się osobiście do Helpdesku.
Z początkiem sierpnia 2018 stworzyliśmy mechanizm zmiany hasła w oparciu o adres mailowy wpisany w systemie SUSZI i wyłączyliśmy możliwość prolongowania hasła przez telefon.
Aby zmienić zapomniane lub wygaśnięte hasło należy skorzystać z linku “Nie pamiętam hasła“, który znajduje się również na stronie logowania do SUSZI czy do SAKE.

Accesskey or access key allows you to use keyboard shortcuts, which makes it easier and more enjoyable for disabled people to navigate the website. Moreover, it allows frequent visitors to navigate the website faster.

Accesskey gives you the possibility to view site content using only keyboard key combinations and does not require using a mouse.

Accesskey used on the pages of this website:

  • Homepage – [special key + 1]
  • Sake – [special key + 2].
  • Sushi – [special key + 3]
  • Webmail – [special key + 4]

and for navigation

  • About the School – [special key + o]
  • Enrolment – [special key + r].
  • Study programmes – [special key + s].
  • Postgraduate studies and courses – [special key + p]
  • Students – [special key + t].
  • Forum – [special key + f]
  • Contact – [special key + k]

Special keys in different web browsers:

  • Firefox (from v2.0): left Alt + Shift + access key
  • Internet Explorer: Left Alt + access key + Enter
  • Opera: Shift + Esc + access key
  • Safari: Ctrl + Mac access key or left Alt + PC access key

Information on tuition instalment payments, including account numbers, is available to all the students in SUSZI (under the “Payments” tab).

If you have forgotten your password to the system, you must personally report it to the Helpdesk in the building at Al. Kijowska 14 with a document confirming your identity: student card, index or identity card. That is the only basis on which you can be issued a new password.

If a Student has been written off, then before coming to the Helpdesk at Al. Kijowska 14 they should call the Helpdesk and ask if their account is already visible in the system. The scripts that set up the accounts run overnight, hence a delay of one day from the reactivation of the Student in the Dean’s Office is required. This will save you time and unnecessary hassle.

In order to correct the mistakes in the personal or contact information, the candidate reports to the Admissions Office, the student reports to the Dean’s Office.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Given numerous queries concerning the date and manner of issuing VAT invoices by the WSZiB in Cracow for tuition fees, I kindly clarify that, in accordance with Art. 106 section 1 and section 4 of the Act of March 11, 2004 on Value Added Tax, the WSZiB is obliged to issue an appropriate invoice. However, in case of natural persons who do not run a business activity (i.e., do not settle the tuition fee within such activity), AN INVOICE IS ISSUED ONLY AT THE REQUEST OF SUCH PERSON.

These documents shall be issued not later than on the 7th day after the service is performed – paragraph 16 of the Ordinance of the Minister of Finance of 27 April 2004 on the reimbursement of tax to certain taxpayers, advance tax refunds, the principles of issuing invoices, the manner of their storage and the list of goods and services which are not eligible for VAT exemptions. However, the payment of the tuition fee is made in instalments, which means, according to Paragraph 17 section 2 of the cited regulation that the School may issue a VAT invoice for the payment of each tuition fee instalment no later than on the 7th day from the date of your payment. Issuing invoices later than that IS NOTPOSSIBLE.

Similarly, a single invoice for the total amount of tuition fee is only possible no later than on the 7th day after you make the FULL payment.

Orthopaedist and other doctors accept appointments at the Higher Education Health Care Complex, ul. Armii Krajowej 5. You must register at the main reception desk. The doctor sees patients every day. You must bring a valid student ID and a health booklet issued by the Dean’s Office.


The main bus station in Cracow is located near the main train station and from there you can get to our school:

  • by tram 4, 13, 14 and 24. The ride takes approx. 20-30 minutes. Get off at the Akademia Pedagogiczna bus stop and walk 5 minutes to Armii Krajowej 4/6/8.
  • by buses 501 and 511 – get off at Miasteczko AGH bus stop (ul. Nawojki) and walk for 2 minutes to Armii Krajowej 4/6/8.

The average grade from the studies multiplied by the coefficient 0.6 plus the average grade for the BA thesis multiplied by the coefficient 0.2 plus the thesis defence grade multiplied by the coefficient 0.2. The sum of all these elements constitutes the final diploma grade.

There are no age restrictions on MPK tickets discounts, all you need is a student ID. For train tickets, the discount is valid until the age of 25.

The group can be changed at the beginning of the academic year. In order to do so, you must report to the Dean’s Office.

In order to change your degree programme, you must submit a request to the Dean and it is best to do so at the beginning of the academic year. You will then avoid the problems of catching up with the course material.

The opening hours of the WSZiB Administration units in Cracow, including the Dean’s Office can be found in SUSZI -> Notice Board.

All information regarding additional fees can be found in SUSZI – Notice Board under General Information. The document is at: Resolution of the Senate of the WSZiB in Cracow regarding additional fees.

Apart from good academic performance, the rector rewards those students who have actively participated in School activities. It might be through the involvement in the Student Council and in student groups or study groups, through organising conferences and preparing publications, through working in the editorial office of “Multis Multum”, through participating in WSZiB promotion events, through charity, cultural and educational activities undertaken by the Student Council or school agencies.

The rector also rewards enthusiasts with their own business ideas that they develop through the School business incubator.

Supplementary materials for classes are posted in SAKE (e-learning module). Not all the lecturers have their materials available in SAKE. Some of them upload them onto their own servers. In such a case, you should ask about their location in class.

The Help Desk is located at Al. Kijowska 14

You’ll get a new password only if you have your student ID card or your regular ID card with you.

Phone: +(48 12) 636 87 72

The opening hours of the WSZiB Administration units in Cracow, including the Help Desk can be found in SUSZI -> Notice Board.

The class timetable of WSZiB in Cracow is available to all the students and lecturers in SUSZI -> Timetable.

The payment office is located in the teaching building at Al. Kijowska 14. The opening hours of the Payment Office can be found at SUSZI -> Notice Board.

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