Attractive scholarships offer at WSZiB

Attractive scholarships offer at WSZiB
18 Aug '23

Dominik, Weronika, Valentyna, Maciek, Amelia and Piotrek have clearly defined goals. They chose Krakow because it is an important academic center. They chose to study at WSZiB, because here they can fulfill their educational aspirations. However, in order to make their dreams and plans come true, they need financial stability. We participate in building it through a developed system of scholarships and awards for WSZiB students. 

From the very 1st year of studies, we offer: 

  • Social scholarship – for students in a difficult financial situation, dependent on family income. You will receive it in an increased amount, e.g., if you are a non-resident full-time student incurring accommodation costs in Krakow.
  • Aid – ad hoc financial support offered in crisis situations, up to PLN 2,000 at a time.
  • Rector’s scholarship – for high school graduates being the winners or finalists of school contests (offered to the bachelor’s/engineering degree 1st year students), for the average grade from the last year of undergraduate studies (offered to the master’s degree 1st year students). In  the following years, the scholarships are awarded for learning results from the previous year of study.
  • Scholarship for people with disabilities – offered for students with a certified degree of disability.

That’s not all, apart from non-repayable forms of aid, a special financial instrument created especially for students is a preferential student loan, which you can apply for while still being a college candidate. 

For detailed information, please contact the Scholarship Office directly: 

phone: 12 635 68 48 

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