Entrepreneurship Study Group


Kamil Kowalik, MA

The Entrepreneurship Study Group was established at the School of Management and Banking in the 2014/2015 academic year.
Kamil Kowalik, MA – Head of the Office of Promotion and Entrepreneurship, became the Study Group’s supervisor.

Activities of the Entrepreneurship Study Group

The Group’s efforts are aimed at expanding students’ knowledge and skills in entrepreneurial, organizational, and interpersonal activities. The objective is to cooperate with representatives of business (especially in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship), as well as with other universities. Students are required to be active on a volunteer basis (conducting seminars, trainings, lectures, organizing job fairs, etc.) for the benefit of the WSZiB academic community and the local community. An important goal is to develop and shape scientific community among students, while supporting their publication activities. The Entrepreneurship Study Group would like to work towards integrating the academic community and promoting the WSZiB in Cracow.

The objectives of the Study Group will be executed through:

a. organizing academic meetings, workshops, trainings and conferences;
b. conducting own research, preparing papers and discussions;
c. participating in events related to entrepreneurship and the labor market;
d. organizing meetings with representatives of the business community;
e. organizing “educational field trips” to different companies;
f. conducting own research and publishing the results of this research;
g. maintaining our Facebook page;
h. organizing a campaign to promote entrepreneurial activities among university and high school students;
i. cooperating with local government institutions, enterprises and non-government organizations.
Anyone who wishes to do so can become a member of the Study Group. The candidat must apply through the SUSZI system to Mr. Kamil Kowalik.

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