BATNA Negotiation Study Group


Joanna Dreżewska, MA

Objectives of the BATNA Negotiation Study Group

BATNA Negotiation Study Group, operating at WSZiB, was established in November 2006. The main objective of the association is to develop in the field of interpersonal communication in the broadest sense, including primarily negotiation. Among the group’s members are students as well as its alumni, actively participating in the group’s work.
The study group provides an opportunity to test the effectiveness of one’s negotiating skills and to gain new knowledge that can be used in everyday life, both personal and professional. It is also an opportunity to have fun and meet interesting new people with similar interests.


The meetings of the Study Group, which are held on average every two weeks, can be attended by any student of WSZiB in Cracow (meeting schedule can be found in the class schedule of the group’s supervisor (Joanna Dreżewska, MA). The classes are workshop-based and aim to provide practical insight into the broad art of negotiation, a wide range of methods and techniques of negotiation, manipulation, and interpersonal communication. The classes are designed to master conversational skills while solving negotiation scenarios (games|), among other things. The work is often filmed for later discussion. Activities are done in small groups or pairs and feedback is exchanged at the end.
Members of the Study Group are actively involved in various projects, including preparing negotiation workshops for young people, and participating in negotiation tournaments.

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