Database engineering study group


Mentor of the study group:
Grzegorz Stolecki, MA
Up to 2022: Tomasz Libera

Objectives of the study group

The meetings are held based on the cooperation of the University with PLSSUG, the SQLServer Users Association

  • Expanding knowledge of database programming and administration
  • Preparing to pass authorized exams
  • Organizing meetings with professionals willing to share their own experience
  • Organizing conferences

The meeting is held with no less frequency than once a month during the academic year.
The group has been active since 2010.

What is our main activity

„In God we trust, all others must bring data”
As part of the study group, we will tackle the most important challenges that the fast-paced world poses to us – data engineers.
We are the ones searching for valuable information in the immeasurable resources of the Internet and corporate networks.
We are the ones who plan and design the architecture of the solution that will store and share the collected data.
We are the ones who choose the form of data that will best meet the specific requirements.
We are the ones who create processes for transforming and enriching data.
We are the ones who take care of data quality by filling in gaps and detecting errors and anomalies.
We are the ones who create the data models that are then so beautifully visualized.
We are the ones who create the input for the voracious machine learning algorithms.
We are the ones who have a vast range of tools with crazy possibilities.
We are the ones who speak many different languages – R, Python, SQL, DAX, MDX to name the most important ones.
We are not limited to data engineering only. We are also entering the fields of artificial intelligence and data visualization. We are not afraid of query optimization and performance tuning of database servers.

We are learning new tools, experimenting with different data models and AI algorithms, and gaining valuable knowledge needed for our professional development.

Study Group’s Achievements

  • Assistance in the organization of the international conference SQL Saturday #534 Krakow
  • Assistance in the organization of the SQLDay 2016 conference in Wroclaw (Centennial Hall)
  • Assistance in the organization of the SQLDay 2015 conference in Wroclaw (Centennial Hall)
  • Assistance in the organization of the SQLDay 2014 conference in Wroclaw (Centennial Hall)

Selected topics from previous years

  • SQL Server Integration Services Catalog
  • Advanced information analysis
  • DevOps for Databases
  • Introduction to temporal queries
  • SQL Server on AWS
  • Analysis Services server performance testing
  • Cursors in SQL Server
  • Features of SQL Server Management Studio
  • Power BI ecosystem vs end-to-end BI
  • Introduction to indexes in Microsoft SQL Server
  • Solve SQL Server performance issues like a Microsoft engineer
  • Aggregates and window functions
  • Query execution plans
  • A scientific approach to machine learning (in the cloud)
  • Data Scientist, Big Data mythical entities of data platforms.

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