WSZiB for the Kraków community

WSZiB for the Kraków community
9 Aug '20

The good functioning of the School depends to a large extent on the activity of the students and the teaching and administrative staff. The School is a self-contained social micro-world, an institution and at the same time a large community in which students are the most important and certainly the most numerous members. How they cope in later life depends largely on what they learn during their studies and what social competences they acquire – this is the most important thing today.

The SMB has been participating in the community for years. The School founded the Ecological Foundation and has supported organizations including Orange the world and the Student’s Academy. We jointly organized conferences and debates on communication and clean air in Kraków, human rights and the fight against terrorism, renewable energy, women’s rights – stop the violence and many others.

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All of these activities distinguish the SMB as a College. We teach the principles of decision making and define the area of activity for young people. We just teach a real influence on reality.

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