PRICE Economics Students Association

PRICE Economics Students Association
30 Nov '22

We invite all students to join the meetings of the newly established Economics Students Association PRICEProgressive Responsible Innovative Cohesive Economics.

The aim of this group is to expand knowledge in the field of economic sciences and translate theoretical knowledge into real decisions relating to various spheres of activity of economic entities. The Economics Students Association is a place for the free exchange of ideas relating to current events in Poland as well as around the world and the resulting challenges facing modern economics. In particular, the meetings are devoted to the complex processes of technological transformations affecting the shape of future economies (Industry 4.0).

The next meeting will be held on December 7, 2022 (12:00 pm).

You can read more about the group’s activities HERE.

Do you want to become a member of the PRICE Economics Students Association?

Please contact the group’s supervisor Dr. Boris Makary via SUSZI.

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