Applied computer science – postgraduate studies at WSZIB!

Applied computer science – postgraduate studies at WSZIB!
22 Jan '24

On December 27, 2023, the Minister of Science and Higher Education, Mr. Dariusz Wieczorek, granted Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania i Bankowości w Krakowie a permission to establish second-cycle studies with a practical profile in the field of Applied Computer Science. The Minister’s decision is preceded by a positive opinion of the Polish Accreditation Committee, which verified the master’s degree program, learning outcomes and profiles of graduates. The studies last 3 semesters and are intended for engineering graduates.

Master’s studies in Applied Computer Science are a natural consequence of the development of WSZIB and complement the educational offer in the field of computer science. It is also a response to the needs of the labor market and the economy, as IT specialists are currently some of the most sought-after specialists.

The master’s degree program in Applied Computer Science has been divided into two complementary areas, i.e. knowledge, skills and social competences that shape the so-called “canon of computer science” and two specializations: IT technology in Big Data and Software engineer and software production.

The IT Technologies in Big Data specialization in the Applied Computer Science field is designed to prepare graduates for work in the broadly understood IT sector related to databases and the analysis of large data sets. This is a unique proposition, offering in-depth knowledge of modern database technologies and artificial intelligence, while developing the skills necessary to work as a project manager related to Big Data.

The Software Engineer and Software Production specialization in Applied Computer Science field prepares the graduate to perform key management functions related to software production in large software house teams. This educational path focuses on creating a programmer-manager who can not only solve complex technological problems, but also efficiently manage large teams of programmers, cooperate in multi-team programming projects and work in the field of modern IT project management methods. The educational program for this specialization has been carefully designed so that the graduate acquires not only knowledge and skills in the field of software design and development, but also extensive competences related to IT project management.

More information about this new course HERE!

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