Open Day at WSZiB

Open Day at WSZiB
8 Mar '24

Open Day of the School of Management and Banking in Krakow attracted crowds: over 600 got acquainted with the teaching offer of the University and took part in interesting free lectures!

The Open Day was held at the School of Management and Banking in Krakow on March 7. Just like every year, students were able to learn about the University’s teaching programs, as well as participate in workshops and lectures specially prepared by university lecturers and students.

As part of the event, we held the following 29 lectures and workshops for young people:

1. Magdalena Knapik-Woch

  • How to write your CV to get an invitation to an interview?
  • My first job. How to look for a job without work experience?
  • Job interview – the path to success. How to get through it and reach the goal?

2. Magdalena Kowalska-Musiał, PhD

  • Time is the most important asset – learn the power of managing it.
  • What is creativity and how to develop it?

3. Kamil Kowalik, MA

  • First steps on the job market.

4. Olaf Leśniak

  • AI – the opportunity of your life.
  • 10 commandments of entrepreneurship.

5. Justyna Michniak-Szladerba, PhD

  • Self-presentation – how to present yourself (well)?
  • Quo vadis? Personal development workshop.
  • Do we understand each other without words? Introduction to nonverbal communication.

6. Piotr Ziarkowski, PhD

  • I have no work experience – where do I start?
  • What does emotional intelligence mean to a manager?
  • Digitization of business, or how to manage change – opportunities or threats?

7. Karolina Strzelczyk, PhD

  • Digital wellbeing – how does being offline shape our wellbeing.
  • How to take care of your energy and have time for important things?

8. Karolina Sztyler, MA

  • The Kasi Tusk phenomenon. From a fashion blogger to the owner of the La Ronde brand.
  • Behind the scenes of Formula One. Pierre Gasly and George Russell as driver-influencers.

9. Joanna Piękoś, PhD

  • Personal effectiveness – how to measure the effectiveness of achieving your goals.

10. Agnieszka Szafarska, BA

  • Four personality types according to Hippocrates – which personality type are you?

11. Jolanta Podwysocka, MA

  • The world of social media: the diversity of platforms on the global stage.

12. Krystyna Pajerska-Sherwood MA, Eng. arch.

  • Expectations vs. reality of being a designer – is working in the creative profession for me.

13. prof. Tomasz Wojdyński PhD, Eng. WSZiB

  • Computer always at hand.

14. Student Government at WSZiB

  • How do hackers operate? The secrets of password hacking.

15. Students of dual degree programs

  • How to combine your studies with a job? Free dual degree programs at WSZiB.

16. “Batna” Negotiation Study Group

  • Fake News – a real threat or an invented problem.
  • Emotions, recognizing and dealing with them.

17. Marketing Study Group

  • “Marketing of the senses”.

18. Entrepreneurship Study Group

  • WSZiB Family Feud.

Open Day program also included the following attractions:

Tours of the University, information points about the study majors, contests with prizes, departments, and student organizations booths. In addition, the event included consultations with a career counselor.

Open Day was attended by senior class students and teachers from the following schools:

  • Economic School Complex No. 1 in Krakow
  • Economic School Complex No. 2 in Krakow
  • Craft and Entrepreneurship School Complex in Krakow
  • Print and Media School Complex in Krakow
  • Economic School Complex No. 1 in Krakow
  • Mechanical School Complex No. 1 in Krakow
  • Communications School Complex in Krakow
  • IX High School in Krakow
  • District Center for Vocational and Continuing Education
    in Wieliczka
  • School Complex in Proszowice
  • Technical and Economic School Complex in Skawina

Thank you for such a high interest!

You can find photos from the event on our FACEBOOK PAGE.

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