Open Day at WSZiB

Open Day at WSZiB
11 Mar '23

Open Day  of the School of Management and Banking in Krakow attracted crowds: 500 participants got acquainted with the teaching offer of the University and took part in interesting workshops and lectures!

The Open Day was held at the School of Management and Banking in Krakow on March 9. As always, students were able to learn about the University’s teaching offer, as well as participate in workshops and lectures specially prepared by students and professors.

As part of the event, we held the following 26 lectures for young people:

  • Justyna Michniak-Szladerba, PhD

– “Fair play not only on the field. Does it pay off?” Business Ethics Workshops.

– „How to speak in order to be listened to?” Verbal Communication Workshops.

– “I can’t make it!” A workshop on self time-management.

  • Magdalena Kowalska-Musiał, PhD

– Fellowship of the Ring – about effective communication in the team.

– Geralt of Rivia- can a lone witcher become a leader?

  • Ireneusz Woźny, PhD

Overcome your stage fright! How to manage stress during a presentation?

– Public speaking – how to prepare for it and grab the audience’s attention?

  • Magdalena Knapik-Woch

– Speak the language of benefits- how to create a resume and get your dream job?

– “Looking for a job is a full-time job”, or how to look for a job effectively and not your waste time?

– Diamond Look, or how to shine at a job interview. The art of self-presentation.

  • Agnieszka Cepielik

– How do you make your website stand out in the clutter of content? – SEO and SEM basics.

  • Karolina Sztyler, MA

– Mata for President – all about influencer marketing and marketing creators.

– The sneakerhead profession- investing in streetwear as an idea for life. The power of marketing.

– Marketing in computer games – case study of the game “The Last of Us” and “Observer”.

  • Piotr Ziarkowski, PhD

Compliance in an enterprise – fashion or necessity?

– Management of financial and accounting services.

  • Marcin Henclik, M.Sc.

– Do you know how the Internet works?

  • Kamil Kowalik, MA

– First steps on the job market.

  •  Students of dual degree programs

How to combine your studies with a job? – free dual degree programs at WSZiB.

  • Student Government at WSZiB

– How to work effectively in a team?

  • “Batna” Negotiation Study Group

– Psychological manipulation in advertising.

– Communication in international negotiations.

  • Marketing Study Group

– “Marketing of the senses” Workshops.

– Social media marketing.

  • Entrepreneurship Study Group

– Role in the group – how to build a good team?

Open Day program also included the following attractions::

tours of the University, information points about the study majors, contests with prizes, departments and student organizations booths. In addition, the event included consultations with a career counselor.

Open Day was attended by senior class students and teachers from the following schools:

– Economic School Complex No. 1 in Krakow
-Economic School Complex No. 2 in Krakow
-Craft and Entrepreneurship School Complex in Krakow
-Print and Media School Complex in Krakow
-Electrical School Complex No. 1 in Krakow
-Mechanical School Complex No. 1 in Krakow
-Communications School Complex in Krakow
-District Center for Vocational and Continuing Education
in Wieliczka

Thank you for such a high interest!

You can find photos from the event on our Facebook page.

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