20 Dec '21

Nowadays, a phone is every student’s inseparable companion. The mWSZiB mobile application has been available for almost two years, and now WSZiB students can use a digital student ID card, mLegitymacja. It works just like a traditional document. By showing it on the smartphone screen, a student can confirm their identity to take advantage of student discounts or free entries.

The procedure for obtaining mLegitymacja begins in SUSZI (Settings – Digital student ID card), where you must agree to generate the document. Once you receive the confirmation message, you can proceed with the installation of mLegitymacja in the mObywatel app. Then the QR code and the distribution password necessary for the installation of mLegitymacja will be displayed in SUSZI on the Digital student ID card page.

Take a look at our quick installation guide, which is available HERE.

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