How to become an engineer?

How to become an engineer?
31 Mar '23

“How to become an engineer?” is a series of meetings implemented by the School of Management and Banking in Krakow and aimed at high school students and those interested in the IT industry.

During the meetings, the speakers – lecturers from WSZiB and IT specialists – will share their own experiences, point out an effective way of development, and present the competencies as well as aptitudes necessary in this industry.

The event included the following lectures:

January 26:

  •  Is it safe to become a designer? – Karolina Sztyler, MA
  •  Safety online… about passwords and more Henclik, M.Sc.

February 23:

  • Jobs in technical/engineering/IT professions – how to look for them wisely? – Magdalena Knapik-Woch
  • Operating systems – from … to the present day  – Tomasz Wojdyński, PhD., prof. WSZiB

On March 30the following meetings will take place:

  • Safety online… about Internet addiction – Justyna Michniak-Szladerba, PhD
  • Data recovery from undamaged media – Karol Hryc, Eng.

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