Education & Job Fair

Education & Job Fair
18 Nov '22

On November 17, the Education and Job Fair was held at the School of Management and Banking in Krakow. The event included the presentation of job, internship and apprenticeship offers by renowned companies and institutions. In addition, free lectures and professional career counseling consultations were held. There were also competitions with prizes.
The event was very popular. Nearly 390 people took part in the fair. Among the participants were high school students, college students, graduates and unemployed job seekers.
The following lectures were held during the fair:
“GOOD START”, or how to create a resume that will attract the attention of a recruiter? Magdalena Knapik-Woch
“Clothes do not make the man – a mini lecture on image building” by Dr. Justyna Michniak-Szladerba
“Cooperation in a team – how to conduct effective communication?” by Dr. Magdalena Kowalska-Musiał
“One, two, three the recruiter is watching – a guide on how to prepare for a job interview?” Magdalena Knapik-Woch
The following institutions presented themselves at the fair:
1. Aon
2. Detention Center in Krakow
3. Auchan
4. Office of Promotion and Entrepreneurship of WSZiB
5. Budimex
6. Center for Youth Education and Labor in Krakow
7. Dassault Systèmes Sp. z o.o.
8. E80 Group
9. Municipal Labor Office in Krakow
10. HTI
12. Jacobs
13. Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory Sp. z o. o
14. Małopolska Regional Development Agency
15. Motorola Solutions
16. Nexia Pro Audit
17. District Labor Inspectorate in Krakow
18. Pekao Direct
19. Phinance S.A
20. Polish Post
21. District Labor Office in Wieliczka
22. Seris Konsalnet
23. State Street Bank
24. Superior Logistics
25. Transporeon
26. Statistical office
27. WELCOME Airport Services
28. Provincial Labor Office in Krakow
29. Żabka

We would like to thank all exhibitors for their cooperation!
You can see photos taken during the event on our Facebook profile.

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