6 Dec '23

Holidays have the power to bring back memories. Decorating the Christmas tree, looking for the first star, meetings with loved ones, gifts and, above all, lots of wishes and hugs that we exchange in the meantime.

We want to cultivate with you customs that connect generations and make us experience a special time every year. On this occasion, from December 6 you will be able to write and send a greeting card to your loved ones. A long-lost childhood friend, a classmate, a grandmother from another city, or maybe your favorite teacher using #ChristmasMailOfWSZiB.

Hungry for the Christmas atmosphere, we announce that a specially prepared mailbox with postcards with stamps has been placed on the first floor (near the Rector’s Office). Just write two nice words, enter the address and drop the card in the mailbox.

#WSZiB elves will take care of sending your cards to the post office.

Hurry up! After all, Christmas is just around the corner!

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