Aid payment



  • Available for full-time and part-time students.
  • The aid payment may be granted to a student who is temporarily in a difficult life situation.
  • It is possible to receive the aid as early as the first year of study.
  • A student may receive a one-time allowance of up to PLN 2,000.
  • The aid is granted upon written application by the student. The application must be properly documented by attaching current evidence of the student’s difficult living situation.

The aid is offered for first degree studies, second degree studies, long-cycle Master’s degree programme, for a total of 12 semesters, regardless of the student’s any other benefit collection. Within this period, the aid is eligible for:

    • first degree – for no longer than 9 semesters,
    • second degree – for no longer than 7 semesters.

The period of 12 semesters during which a student is eligible for the aid payment begins when the student enters university and is first granted rights as a student (for the first-degree program). The period of eligibility for the aid payment includes all semesters started by the student at the university, including semesters falling during the period of taking a leave of absence from classes. The exception to this rule are the semesters of any further first-degree studies started or continued after the first bachelor’s, engineer’s or equivalent degree (any other first-degree studies are not counted in the aid eligibility period).

  • The grant is not available to a student who holds a professional degree such as:
    • Master of Science, Master of Engineering or equivalent,
    • Bachelor’s degree, engineer’s degree or equivalent, if they are retaking their first-degree program,
    • Obtained abroad.
  • More detailed rules are specified in the Regulations on benefits for students of WSZiB in Cracow.

Statement – consent of the student’s family members to the processing of personal data (GDPR)

Statement – consent of the student’s family members to the processing of personal data (GDPR) is required if the student attaches documents concerning their family members to the application for the aid payment.

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