Summary! 2023 Scholarships

Summary! 2023 Scholarships
28 Feb '24

WSZiB students have a developed scholarship system at their disposal, allowing year-round financial support starting from the first year of studies. The rich offer includes something for everyone: the rector’s scholarship (for outstanding academic results/scientific or sports achievements), a social scholarship awarded on the basis of family income, a grant constituting ad hoc support for students who find themselves in a difficult life situation, as well as scholarship for people with disabilities.

In 2023, 650 people benefited from various forms of University’s students support for a total amount of PLN 3,445,000.

  • Rector’s scholarship: PLN 1,813,000
  • Social scholarship: PLN 1,210,000
  • Grant: PLN 59,000
  • Scholarship for people with disabilities: PLN 363,000

And that’s not all! At WSZIB, for years there has been a motivational scholarships system, funded by Rector for educationally and socially active students, from University’s funds. In 2023, aforementioned distinction has been given to 79 people for the total amount of PLN 55,125.

Numerous promotions and fee discounts are also the part of students’ financial support.

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