Logistics Engineer at WSZiB – a profession of the future!

Logistics Engineer at WSZiB – a profession of the future!
13 May '22

We are pleased to announce that on April 20, 2022 the Minister of Education and Science granted a permit to the School of Management and Banking in Krakow to conduct engineering studies (first-cycle) with a practical profile in the field of Logistics.
We have prepared the study program together with leading companies in the logistics industry, so it responds to the real business demand for employees with digital and managerial competences in the logistics profession. As part of the course, we offer two unique learning paths:

  1. Information technologies in logistics – this path of education prepares specialists-engineers in the area of using IT tools in the development and management of logistics processes;
  2. Logistics manager – a path of education for people who want to additionally develop soft skills related to the decision-making process, customer service, benchmarking or implementation of logistics strategies.

Recruitment for this unique course has already been opened, and studies will begin in October 2022. You’re welcome to apply!

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