CINEMA on the grass – the film “IO”

CINEMA on the grass – the film “IO”
25 Aug '23

Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania i Bankowości, together with Zarząd Zieleni Miejskiej w Krakowie and Kraków w Zieleni, invites you to unforgettable screenings as a part of the CINEMA on the Grass project. 

Summer is in full swing, so we come to you with another interesting offer of a holiday film screening in the green space of Kraków. 


August 24, 2023 (Thursday)  


PrzyStań  na Plaży (Kurlandzki Square)  


We start at 20:30  

About the film 

“IO” directed by Jerzy Skolimowski.  

The story of “IO” thanks to its extraordinary animal character goes beyond the human perspective, but above all it is a deeply humanistic film – a manifesto in defense of what remains innocent inside us. The journey that Skolimowski takes us on leads across Europe: from the circus, through stadiums and parking lots for trucks, to palaces. From stupidity, through violence, to flashes of kindness and solidarity. This group portrait, which does not lose the sight of a single ant, combines the realistic and the visionary, the mundane and the metaphysical, the critical and the empathetic. 

Event entry is completely free. 


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