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The School of Banking and Management was founded in 1995. The school offers degree programs in management, finance and accounting, IT,  as well as different postgraduate studies, various courses and training programs authorized by CISCO Academy and Microsoft AATP.

Studying in Krakow is an incredible opportunity for our students to experience the culture and academic atmosphere of one of the most beautiful European cities. In addition to studying in our school, full-time students can spend time with some of 172 840 students from 21 higher educational institutions located in Krakow, experience local sports, arts and entertainment as well as come in contact with several renowned academics. All this presents a great opportunity for intellectual growth. Our students get a solid higher education and that frequently  results in a rapid professional success. Part-time students will find that our school offers a variety of solutions to facilitate their educational experience, such as e-learning, convenient class hours and easy access to professors. A modern information and communication infrastructure puts our school among the best higher educational institutions in Poland. To put it briefly, The School of Banking and Management is a fantastic place to join. To put it briefly, The School of Banking and Management is a fantastic place to join.

Licenses, accreditations and certifications

The legal basis for the functioning of The School of Banking and Management is the registration No. 55 in the Private Higher Educational Institution Register (dated 11 May 1995 and 19 March 2004).

The National Accreditation Committee accepted our first and second degree programs in management and marketing (2004 and 2010), finance and accounting (2004 and 2010) as well as IT (2006).

Our school has an excellent teaching base as well as numerous and young faculty. A stable financial position of the school makes it possible for the students to follow their passions and interests, while the faculty members have proper conditions to engage in research. The School of Banking and Management has been awarded the highest category rating in the parametric evaluation of educational work. The school follows the rules of the Total Quality Management in the management of education. Furthermore, The School of Banking and Management has been awarded a certificate of quality by the Krakow Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The school regularly occupies top spots in the rankings of higher educational institutions published by such magazines as "Polityka”, "Wprost”, "Rzeczpospolita” or "Perspektywy”.

Our students frequently take part in IT projects organized by the school. As an authorized Pearson VUE examination center, The School of Banking and Management enables the students to obtain prestigious, internationally recognized IT certifications. Our school also offers language exams such as FCE and TELC (The European Language Certificate).

Administration of The School of Banking and Management in Cracow

Prof. dr hab. inż. Włodzimierz RoszczynialskiRecorWłodzimierz Roszczynialski, M.Eng., PhD, Habilitation, Professor Ordinarius

dr inż. Bohdan MakaryChancellorBohdan Makary, M.Eng., PhD

dr Aneta ZiółkowskaProrector of Education
ds. kształcenia
Aneta Ziółkowska, PhD

dr Bartosz BandułaDean of  the Faculty of Management, Economics and ITBartosz Banduła, PhD

mgr Artur FigurskiVice dean of the Faculty of Management, Economics and ITArtur Figurski, PhD

dr Magdalena Kowalska-MusiałVice dean of the Faculty of Management, Economics and IT
Magdalena Kowalska-Musiał, PhD

mgr Zofia WydymusVice dean of the Faculty of Management, Economics and IT
Zofia Wydymus, MSc

dr inż. Marek ValentaVice dean of the Faculty of Management, Economics and IT
Marek Valenta, M.Eng., PhD

dr inż. Dominika WoźnyRector's Proxy for dissertation procedures
Dominika Woźny, M.Eng., PhD



Mission of the School

The mission of The School of Banking and Management is to prepare students to professional careers and enable them to play active roles in the knowledge-based market economy of the 21st century. Our graduates  are also prepared to shape economic processes at economic entity level. The main educational aim of the school is to equip the students with the  ability to employ methodical and instrumental knowledge in describing, analyzing and determining economic and social development trends. . Another main objective is to develop in students the  skills to recognize, interpret and evaluate  particular economic issues.

The School of Banking and Management provides the students with valuable knowledge and skills in a learning-friendly environment thanks  to:
•    highly specialized faculty who focus on the student’s needs and lecturers who are leaders in the fields of finance, accounting, banking, management, marketing and IT, as well as in other subjects that lie in the areas of economics, humanities, law and mathematics
•    the curriculum that is adjusted to current problems in business practice, educational standards and student’s needs
•    online information platforms where students can access educational materials; the platforms are a practical implementation tool of e-learning, and make  effective communication between students, faculty and administration possible
•    lecture halls and laboratories with top-notch multimedia and computer equipment
•    active contact with the local environment and cooperation with various communities in the region
•    a student-friendly  approach,.

A broad, holistic profile of education makes it possible for the alumni to undertake studies at a graduate level. Our school develops in the students  qualities that  are essential to succeeding  in a knowledge-based economy such as  self-development, initiative, ability to use modern communication techniques as well as the English language, high career mobility and the ability to be a part of civil society.

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