Communication in business and public relations


The main goal of the program is to introduce the students to methods and techniques which can be used by a company to influence the environment or its own employees in a particular way (e.g. by evoking a sense of common identity with the company among the employees). Another goal of the program is to acquaint the students with methods used to improve the effectiveness of communication within the company (especially between management and employees) and to equip them with the ability to shape identification processes of a company in relation to the environment.


Two days

  • What is public relations? Basic concepts and definitions. Public relations as a tool to build the company’s reputation.
  • Public relations in the system of the company’s communication with the environment and its own employees. External and internal functions of public relations.
  • Public relations as a function of management of a company and as a main instrument of issue management.
  • Public relations as a supporting factor of the company’s marketing strategy. Methods of communication between the company and the customers.
  • Public relations as a tool to shape corporate image and corporate identity. Planning and implementation of identification processes of a company in relation to the environment. The role of employees in shaping corporate image.
  • The role of communication processes within the company. Vertical and horizontal communication. Developing channels of information flow in a company.
  • Media relations: developing relations with the press, radio and TV. Information- and non-information-based methods of exerting influence on mass media.
  • Public relations in emergency situations.

Classes are heavily based on workshops and techniques of working with a group in an active way. Students will receive study materials.

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