susziSUSZI is the School's Web Information Management System. It is an online platform which facilitates the learning process as well as the process of administering the school. Any authorized user of the system (a member of faculty/staff or a student) can have on-line access the information pertaining to them. The information can be accessed with a web browser. Users can access SUSZI from home, work, computer laboratories, Internet cafés or information kiosks located in the school..

Advantages of SUSZI

After logging to SUSZI (, you get the access to:

  • bulletin board
  • schedule of classes
  • exam session schedule
  • list of grades
  • list of information sent by the employees of the School of Banking and Management
  • list of faculty members, their schedules, course syllabuses and additional study materials
  • list of staff members
  • library search engine and book reservation system
  • history of applications, payments and internships


sake SAKE is an e-learning platform (currently in the development stage).

It can be accessed at:

SAKE modules

  • e-learning platform
  • education assessment research system
  • theses supervision system with plagiarism detection
  • online test system
  • wireless Internet access management system
  • Microsoft MSDN online subscription

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