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The purpose of this study programme is to acquire skills in the administration and implementation of SQL Server-based databases.



Classes are conducted in state-of-the-art laboratories at WSZiB, and they are based on authorised materials of experienced trainers.
The students receive a diploma of completion of postgraduate studies (a copy in Polish and in English).


  • MA Eng. Tomasz Libera – MVP Data Platform, SQL Server specialist, trainer, SQLDay conference speaker, board member of PLSSUG – SQL Server Users Association
  • MA Eng. Michał Sadowski – a chief specialist in the field of development and administration of information systems in a multinational corporation (ABB), dealing on a daily basis with the administration of financial systems based on Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server technology, the leader of the Cracow-based PLSSUG group, a speaker at the SQLSaturday and SQLDay conferences.
  • dr Borys Makary – a specialist in project management, including IT projects. He combines his knowledge and skills related to, among other things, Agile, with his passion for photography. Agile Warriors is a dedicated game that will be used during the classes from this module.


  • Queries in T-SQL| 30 hours
    Writing SELECT queries, sorting and filtering data, retrieving data from multiple tables, grouping and aggregating data, working with multiple data types, modifying data, using window functions.
  • SQL Server Administration| 50hours
    Installing and configuring SQL Server, working with databases, planning and performing backups, importing and exporting data, managing security, checking database integrity, monitoring and tracking SQL Server activity, SQL Server Agent. High Availability mechanisms: Log Shipping, Clustering, Mirroring, Always On Availability Groups.
  • SQL Server Programming| 48hours
    Designing tables, types of indexes, Analysis of execution plans and database optimisation, creating stored procedures, functions and triggers, In-Memory tables, using XML in the database, full-text search, using SQL Service Broker.
  • Data warehouse implementation| 40hours
    Designing data warehouses, creating ETL solutions based on SSIS. The use of Data Master Services and Data Quality Services. Self-service Business Intelligence.
  • Project Management| 16 hours
    The course provides theoretical and practical foundations of project management. The scope of the course will include topics related to soft skills needed to plan, execute and close a project. Some of the classes will be devoted to practical issues of using MS Project for management purposes.


PLN 3750 or 4 equal, interest-free instalments (including PLN 100 reservation fee)

Bank account number: 61 1440 1127 0000 0000 0193 3148
On-campus sessions: Saturday – Sunday (including sessions in July and September)

The upcoming edition

We look forward to welcoming you as a student starting from March 2021!


The knowledge and skills I gained during the SQL Server Database Specialist postgraduate programme allowed me to find a job in this sector of the IT industry. A pleasant atmosphere, lots of practical activities and patient teachers enable effective learning for beginners (like myself), as well as more advanced programmers. I would recommend the course to anyone who enjoys IT and is motivated to get the most out of these classes. 🙂

Katarzyna Elżbieta Krzak

For the past six months, I have had the pleasure of being a student of the SQL Server Database Specialist postgraduate programme. It might seem that six months is a very short period, but given the intensity of these studies, I will look back on this period with satisfaction.
The study curriculum was designed in a very clever way. It’s safe to say that anyone may become a SQL Server specialist thanks to the fact that the course has been designed by putting the easiest issues first and then gradually moving to the most complex ones. However, I recommend these studies to people who have already had at least a tiny insight into databases, e.g., by studying a related course, or having some experience in the field of IT.
It is also worth noting that after you have completed the programme, you are not left with nothing. The resources shared by the teachers are constantly available to former students and can be accessed via a special e-learning platform(https://sake.wszib.edu.pl/).
I sincerely recommend the SQL Server Database Specialist postgraduate programme at WSZiB. During these studies, a student acquires practical skills and interacts with experienced and friendly lecturers (mainly members of PLSSUG), whose aim is to present the class content in an attractive, understandable and accessible way.

Piotr Ziuziański


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