Tuition-free studies at a private school!

Tuition-free studies at a private school!
27 Jul '21

In 2018, the School signed an agreement with corporations such as Aon and Jacobs to collaborate in providing a dual degree program in Finance and Accounting called Finance in Multinational Corporations.

As part of the collaboration, the study programmes are funded by the partners, making it completely free, and students receive an internship stipend for working at the corporation.

The dual degree programme gives students the opportunity to combine their studies with working in one of the two corporations in Cracow. A flexible schedule allows our students to attend classes that typically last until 1PM, so that they can then head to the office afterwards.

This study programme allows you to develop the knowledge and skills in the field of process management in finance and accounting, which translates into acquiring competencies in streamlining business processes in outsourcing service centres.

Enrolment is now open for the Finance in Multinational Corporations degree program offered by the WSZiB in conjunction with Jacobs and Aon.

We invite you to explore our educational offer on our website.

We also encourage you to watch the interview with the students of the dual degree programme:

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