About us

The Association of Students and Alumni of The School of Banking and Management in Cracow

Our organization welcomes all the students and alumni of The School of Banking and Management in Cracow. YOU are welcome too!

The mission of our organization is to facilitate the establishment and fostering of friendly relationships among the students and alumni.
University studies are definitely one of the best opportunities for networking. It is at university where long-lasting friendships are made. Our organization will not let you forget about the good old times at The School of Banking and Management and the people who created this unique atmosphere. The memories of years past can easily be recreated during various reunions, which will be tailored to your needs. Our organizations works for you and with you in mind. We want the members of our organization to be friends and people who have passions to share, are creative and display a large degree of intellectual curiosity.

We think that in the present world the alumni of the school should remain connected to their alma mater during their professional careers. Our organization believes that The School of Banking and Management is not only a place where students expand their knowledge and develop excellent professional skills, but also a place where they can find their values and are able to consciously develop as future managers in a modern economy.

We have a lot to offer, but we also – or maybe even primarily – count for your support, initiative and ideas, which you definitely have abundance of.

We invite you to join our meetings. Dates of the meetings may be found via SUSZI or SAKE.

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