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Pearson VUE (previously known as VUE) has over 3400 authorized examination centers in the world and is the leader in the field of IT exam administration.

After registering for the exam and scheduling the examination date, please transfer the exam fee to our bank account, the number of which is provided on the right hand side of this page.
The exams are designed by certification organizations (known as clients or sponsors in the VUE nomenclature), e.g. Cisco, Adobe or Zend. Registered exams are automatically downloaded – in a coded form – from the VUE head office. They are then decoded for the duration of the exam. Afterwards, the exams are coded again and sent to VUE, which then sends them directly to the clients. Therefore, exams administered at our school are identical to the exams administered at any other VUE or Prometric center in the world. An appropriate certificate is issued by the client and mailed to the candidate. Hence, candidates living in different parts of the world receive identical certificates.

A full list of Pearson VUE clients whose exams are administered at our school is the following:
Adobe * Avaya Inc. Testing * BindView * BMC Software * Brocade Communications * Check Point Software Technologies * Cisco Systems, Inc. * CIW * CompTIA Testing * Crystal * Dassault Systemes/ CATIA * IBM Testing * Informix Testing * Internet Security Systems * Linux Professional Institute Testing * Lotus Testing * Macromedia Testing * MatrixOne * McDATA * MySQL * NetScreen Technologies * Novell Testing * PRMIA * RSA Security Testing * Siebel Systems Testing * Siemens * Sun Microsystems - SAI Program * Tivoli Testing * VERITAS * VMware, Inc. * Zend Technologies, Ltd.

P.S. If you have a discount voucher, we ask you take the exam at least 14 days before the termination date of the voucher. If you decide not to do so, you are personally responsible for the risk of forfeiting the voucher. If the exam is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, The School of Banking and Management in Cracow is not responsible for the voucher not being used. In such cases, The School of Banking and Management will make a special effort to organize the exam, while the candidate has the responsibility to call the examination center one day before the exam date in order to check if all the modules of the exam are ready to be taken.

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